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ANDANTEX Ltd. is the UK subsidiary of REDEX ANDANTEX,


the French manufacturer of precision power transmission equipment, including its division MEROBEL, specialized in EMP Brakes & Clutches and Tension control equipements.


The Andantex UK product range consists of the widest variety of industrial differentials in the world, as well as high precision servo-reducers, right angle bevel gearboxes, precision rack and pinion drives, mechanical and electronic speed control drives, linear actuator equipment and motors, electromagnetic particle clutches and brakes for electronic control of tension on rewind and unwind drives, plastic extruder gearboxes, inverter duty ac motors, dc motors and servomotors. This equipment, combined with technical expertise, offers machine design engineers a wide variety of solutions to mechanical and electronic power transmission problems.


Focusing on providing customers with the best solution for precision rotary and linear power transmission equipment, both mechanical and electronic, the Company’s products and services are supplied to customers world-wide as well as the UK. They operate successfully in a wide variety of industries including converting, printing, packaging, labelling, machine tool, aerospace, paper, food processing, nuclear, defence, glass, water, oil, leisure, agriculture, test facilities and all types of mechanical and electronic power transmission industries. Our products can be provided as individual parts or complete systems with full engineering consultancy as part of the service.

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